Saturday, August 7, 2010

My self-assigned IP address resource capacity of the cut again

Reporter from the recently held in Hangzhou, China in 2006 Seminar and IP addresses of experts CNNIC IP address assignment Alliance meeting on the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in the IP Address Assignment window quadrupled this year, one-time allocation of IP can address from the original 32,768 rising to more than 130,000, greatly enhanced the capacity of independent distribution.

The experts pointed out that the CNNIC IP address allocation to upgrade the window, marking the country without direct distribution through the relevant international organizations to examine the IP address of the ceiling once again expanding, this means that China's Internet IP address allocation of resources, ability to own a qualitative leap help expand our IP address ownership; also CNNIC is responsible for distribution of Union uniform distribution of IP address resources in China, will help improve China's IP address optimization of the use of the Internet development in China is important.

Seminar published "Asia Pacific IP Address Resource Report" shows: As of October 2006, Japan has 146 million IPv4 addresses, each address of resources to international organizations only pay an annual fee of 200,000 U.S. dollars, while China paid an annual About 30 million of annual fees only apply to the 94 million IP addresses - for small-scale decentralized situation makes my IP address to use cost far lower than in Japan, resulting in a very significant additional cost. In addition, this application also led to decentralization of China's fragmented distribution of IP addresses, IP addresses on the national statistical data management to a certain extent hindered, not conducive to China's relevant departments for the overall planning of Internet resources.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Guide to fully experience the still-mail (a) - attachment

Features on the still-mail

* Send and receive e-mail is no longer rely on laptops and networks, business trip easy to leave

* E-mail to receive, reply, send, forward a complete experience, but also supports various formats of attachments

* Receive free control message size, not take away the original message

* Personalized settings, so my email is still different

* Mobile access to the Internet will be able to use still-mail

Point in the preparation of a new message menu button, select "Accessories", then the list will automatically jump to the attachment page, select "Add", you can attach the.

Select the folder location in the BB and find you want to send the file, select "Confirm."

Annex the list now have a document you have chosen, and then add a bar, continue to choose "Add."

This amr files add a voice message right, huh, huh. Two documents are now in a annex to the list. Shang-mail attachment support message sending N Oh, but the upper limit of the current domestic GPRS uplink only 4K / S, so if the attachment is too large to send, only the patience to wait for the ... ...

Now back to editing the page, written messages, attachments can be associated with sent.

Received! Ha ha ~

On the phone with the mail file, than Bluetooth travels far stronger than the SMS, MMS than the benefits, you are not too Tempted?

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