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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Five easy way to get repeat customers

To secure a new customer every time when you might always want to tell him / her that you can do and you want together again. If you can for the future cooperation with this client again, not sure, then you may need to adjust certain aspects.

The first focus

Focus does not mean you need because a particular focus on the needs of a customer to give up other customers. Focus is let your customers know your preferences in the time to complete the task as he can still provide some additional outside services. No need to do something very laborious, just to do some parties initially agreed something needs to be done well, so you will be in cooperation with the customer again.

The second long will it take to get back?

Freelance lose business because a lot back too late. Do not e-mail because of makeup every day to limit their potential business opportunities (if you prefer to others and not to stay e-mail address telephone number so), but if you prefer to do so, make sure your customers know that you kind of habit.

In my own case, if I want to hire someone to work for me, I would like to know how fast I can get his answer. If you are a full-time freelancer, you should use a certain time each day to reply e-mail, phone.

Thirdly to ensure quality, not quantity

When they wanted to build a website, but you have to do three out, just to prove that 'Hey, I will!'. But do you realize that customers just want a website? Quality rather than quantity. If you spend five hours to build three extra sites, it means you not only a waste of five small and might be losing you customers. Close to the contract requirements because these requirements exist in the contract in its own raison d'etre, you made the trip just to prove you extra work, but it will not bring you extra income.

So, you work these flattering, you're good to you by, but does not mean you're the best, because someone can always do better than you. Strive to improve themselves, improve their professional skills, these are the conditions for you to make money.

Fifth return visit

Often overlooked but is the most important way to win repeat customers is a return visit previous customers. Customer service, cash the check, then will he forget about her once again means that you will not get orders from this customer. Spend a little time before you send an email to customers, or email postcards, or a call, tell him you are willing to work for him, you have very interesting projects of cooperation, and you always ready for him again work. Build relationships with your customers, to understand them, so they hire you again, would greatly enhance the possibility.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Basic framework for JSF

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Web application for building a new standard Java framework. It provides a component for the center to develop Java Web user interface method, which simplifies the development. JavaServer Faces also cause the majority of Java / Web developer interest. "Corporate developers" and Web designers will find that JSF development can be as simple as just the user interface (UI) components onto the page, while "systems developers" will find a rich and robust JSF API offers them unmatched features and programming flexibility. JSF also by well-established model - View - Controller (MVC) design pattern into its architecture, to ensure that the application is more maintainable. JSF has been integrated into the next version of JavaEE and become a JavaEE standard components. On the merits of JSF, there are a lot of debate. Supporters believe that JSF is a country with better granularity of WEB UI component system, in support of development tools can create drag and drop Web interface, is extremely customizable and scalable so. JSF's core is asynchronous, wireless Web communications to establish the life cycle model and component model.

Struts creator Craig McClanahan is also the leader of the JSF specification. Therefore, the body has to learn it in the JSF Struts marks, and Struts in a number of limitations to address. JSF is through the Java Community Process (JCP) developed a Java standard, development tool provider for the JavaServer Faces is fully capable of providing easy to use, efficient visual development environment. This time we invited two guests, details on the framework and the development of JSF.

Topics: JSF based framework

Theory describes a basic framework for JSF. For example, JSF's design principles, life cycle and so on. JSF also introduce some basic components, and provide a wealth of examples demonstrate. And text so that we gradually over JSF from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge, which gradually grasp of Java EE in the world of new members ----- JSF.

Topics: JSF development tool for us and examples of development

The event, Hangzhou, Changsha User Group's head-site for everyone Xiao Jing will demonstrate and explain how to use the JSF development tool ---- WorkShop Studio for JSF application development. The scene according to a JSF application example, a complete introduction to using the WorkShop Studio development JSF application development, debugging of the entire process. We can also integrate JSF practice basic framework for further understanding of JSF works.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

China's economy remains to be seen whether there are signs of rebound

1,2-month investment in fixed assets grew 26.5% in March manufacturing PMI index over the 50 points mark, signs of China's economy rebound;

Despite signs of improvement, but really bottomed out, most analysts caution that further observations should be

Although the cold weather continued, but that is the earth blowing slightly heating season, it is increasingly clear that the the bright and warm spring. Appears simultaneously with the natural seasons, under the international financial crisis China's economy began to reveal a trace of warmth.

G20 financial summit in attending the eve of President Hu Jintao told reporters that China's macroeconomic control policy measures have achieved initial results, showing a positive sign. Earlier, Premier Wen Jiabao also said that after a period of time, and in some areas and industries steady rise of the signs.

Late last year, in response to financial crisis of the "National 10," published this year, the proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy monetary policy gradually becoming apparent effect. 1,2 month fiery credit, bank lending has broken trillion, respectively, 1.62 trillion and 1.07 trillion. National Bureau of Statistics economic data for this year's 1,2 month, people can see some positive signs. For example: investment in fixed assets over the same period last year, an increase of 26.5%; total retail sales of social consumer goods and an increase of 15.2% compared to last year; electricity generation also fell from last year more 11,12 to 1,2 months of this year fell into more less. In addition, with the top ten industry restructuring and revitalization of the proposal and the government launched a series of policies to stimulate consumption, the market had a positive performance, significant increase in 1,2-month car sales, home appliances, farm machinery sales warming, oil consumption and part of the city's real estate sales there have been signs of improvement. In addition, the manufacturing purchasing managers index for 4 months, began to rise, and crossed the line marked economic expansion and contraction of the 50 point mark. Ma Jiantang National Bureau of Statistics said, which means that China's economy is likely to have stabilized.

Of course, the number of both 1,2-month positive signs, but also not wholly satisfactory. Such as foreign demand remains weak, exports fell 21.2%; scale industrial growth rate is still low, only 3.8%, marking a new low last 7 years. Taking into account the growth of secondary industry, the impact of China's economic growth, first quarter GDP growth may not immediately out of the doldrums.

Department of State Information Center deputy director of economic forecasting Zhu Baoliang analysis in an interview that the first two months of economic indicators can be said to have good and bad. Good investment, credit, etc., based on these indicators improved from a lot of money invested and the previous 230 billion yuan central government expenditure, reflecting the government increase the investment. However, the situation reflects the import and export port throughput, and real estate new construction area and some other leading index has not seen improvement, indicating that the financial crisis has not bottomed out. Comprehensive observation of these indicators, although they have not come to the conclusion has been warmer, but the momentum can be said to stabilize the economic downturn. "The worst time is over, as the government continued to increase investment, economic rebound in the accumulation of favorable factors in the increase, there will be significant economic recovery in the second half."

Zhu Baoliang said that although China's economic trends have not changed for the better long-term, government spending to boost domestic demand could also play a role in stabilizing the economy, but the real recovery also needs the world economic recovery. "Does the international financial crisis has bottomed out, is a controversial issue all over the world." United States real estate market and the recently announced retail sales data are better than expected, analysts noted that while the U.S. economy not out of the quagmire of negative growth, but Over the past few weeks have been a sufficient number of key indicators show economic contraction, slowing up to 15 months, this recession may have ended the most difficult period. For China, this change means a significant decline in exports is unlikely to continue, also confirmed the "worst time is over," the judge.

Despite signs of improvement, but really bottomed out, most analysts are cautious, indicating that further observation. Although the Chinese government earlier issued a series of crisis programs, increased investment, stimulate domestic demand policies are also widely praised by the States, but further play its role in stimulating the economy, but also take time. Meanwhile, some scholars pointed out that the new investments in the government to promote economic growth, social investment must consider how to follow up, or when the government began to exit the investment, social investment has not kept pace, then it may be second bottom . In mid-April, the National Bureau of Statistics will release first quarter economic statistics. The performance of the parties to the GDP, although not optimistic, but that a quarter of the year will be the most difficult period of three quarters after the economy will gradually warming up, the whole year GDP growth of 8% there is still hope.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My self-assigned IP address resource capacity of the cut again

Reporter from the recently held in Hangzhou, China in 2006 Seminar and IP addresses of experts CNNIC IP address assignment Alliance meeting on the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in the IP Address Assignment window quadrupled this year, one-time allocation of IP can address from the original 32,768 rising to more than 130,000, greatly enhanced the capacity of independent distribution.

The experts pointed out that the CNNIC IP address allocation to upgrade the window, marking the country without direct distribution through the relevant international organizations to examine the IP address of the ceiling once again expanding, this means that China's Internet IP address allocation of resources, ability to own a qualitative leap help expand our IP address ownership; also CNNIC is responsible for distribution of Union uniform distribution of IP address resources in China, will help improve China's IP address optimization of the use of the Internet development in China is important.

Seminar published "Asia Pacific IP Address Resource Report" shows: As of October 2006, Japan has 146 million IPv4 addresses, each address of resources to international organizations only pay an annual fee of 200,000 U.S. dollars, while China paid an annual About 30 million of annual fees only apply to the 94 million IP addresses - for small-scale decentralized situation makes my IP address to use cost far lower than in Japan, resulting in a very significant additional cost. In addition, this application also led to decentralization of China's fragmented distribution of IP addresses, IP addresses on the national statistical data management to a certain extent hindered, not conducive to China's relevant departments for the overall planning of Internet resources.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Guide to fully experience the still-mail (a) - attachment

Features on the still-mail

* Send and receive e-mail is no longer rely on laptops and networks, business trip easy to leave

* E-mail to receive, reply, send, forward a complete experience, but also supports various formats of attachments

* Receive free control message size, not take away the original message

* Personalized settings, so my email is still different

* Mobile access to the Internet will be able to use still-mail

Point in the preparation of a new message menu button, select "Accessories", then the list will automatically jump to the attachment page, select "Add", you can attach the.

Select the folder location in the BB and find you want to send the file, select "Confirm."

Annex the list now have a document you have chosen, and then add a bar, continue to choose "Add."

This amr files add a voice message right, huh, huh. Two documents are now in a annex to the list. Shang-mail attachment support message sending N Oh, but the upper limit of the current domestic GPRS uplink only 4K / S, so if the attachment is too large to send, only the patience to wait for the ... ...

Now back to editing the page, written messages, attachments can be associated with sent.

Received! Ha ha ~

On the phone with the mail file, than Bluetooth travels far stronger than the SMS, MMS than the benefits, you are not too Tempted?

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Streaming Media common sense: the basic principles of stream

Streaming media and the key technology is streaming. Streaming definition is very broad, and now refers primarily to the network transmission media (such as video, audio) is the general term for technology. The specific meaning of TV programs through the Internet will be sent to the PC. Achieve streaming in two ways: real-time streaming (Realtime Streaming) and the order stream (progressive Streaming). In general, such as real-time video broadcasting, using the streaming media server, or real-time applications such as RTSP protocol, namely, real-time streaming. If using the HTTP server, file streaming through the order. Of course, streaming files are also supported fully downloaded to your hard drive before playing.

Streaming implementation requires the cache. Because the Internet for packet transmission as the basis for intermittent asynchronous transmission, on a real-time A / V source or storage of A / V file, the transfer of them to be broken down into many packages, because the network is dynamic, select all packages routing may be different, so the time delay to reach the client also varies, even starting the packet may also post to. To do this, use the cache system to compensate for the impact of latency and jitter and ensure the correct order of packets, so that media data to a continuous output, and not because of network congestion to play to a standstill for the time being.

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