Sunday, October 10, 2010

Basic framework for JSF

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Web application for building a new standard Java framework. It provides a component for the center to develop Java Web user interface method, which simplifies the development. JavaServer Faces also cause the majority of Java / Web developer interest. "Corporate developers" and Web designers will find that JSF development can be as simple as just the user interface (UI) components onto the page, while "systems developers" will find a rich and robust JSF API offers them unmatched features and programming flexibility. JSF also by well-established model - View - Controller (MVC) design pattern into its architecture, to ensure that the application is more maintainable. JSF has been integrated into the next version of JavaEE and become a JavaEE standard components. On the merits of JSF, there are a lot of debate. Supporters believe that JSF is a country with better granularity of WEB UI component system, in support of development tools can create drag and drop Web interface, is extremely customizable and scalable so. JSF's core is asynchronous, wireless Web communications to establish the life cycle model and component model.

Struts creator Craig McClanahan is also the leader of the JSF specification. Therefore, the body has to learn it in the JSF Struts marks, and Struts in a number of limitations to address. JSF is through the Java Community Process (JCP) developed a Java standard, development tool provider for the JavaServer Faces is fully capable of providing easy to use, efficient visual development environment. This time we invited two guests, details on the framework and the development of JSF.

Topics: JSF based framework

Theory describes a basic framework for JSF. For example, JSF's design principles, life cycle and so on. JSF also introduce some basic components, and provide a wealth of examples demonstrate. And text so that we gradually over JSF from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge, which gradually grasp of Java EE in the world of new members ----- JSF.

Topics: JSF development tool for us and examples of development

The event, Hangzhou, Changsha User Group's head-site for everyone Xiao Jing will demonstrate and explain how to use the JSF development tool ---- WorkShop Studio for JSF application development. The scene according to a JSF application example, a complete introduction to using the WorkShop Studio development JSF application development, debugging of the entire process. We can also integrate JSF practice basic framework for further understanding of JSF works.

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