Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Five easy way to get repeat customers

To secure a new customer every time when you might always want to tell him / her that you can do and you want together again. If you can for the future cooperation with this client again, not sure, then you may need to adjust certain aspects.

The first focus

Focus does not mean you need because a particular focus on the needs of a customer to give up other customers. Focus is let your customers know your preferences in the time to complete the task as he can still provide some additional outside services. No need to do something very laborious, just to do some parties initially agreed something needs to be done well, so you will be in cooperation with the customer again.

The second long will it take to get back?

Freelance lose business because a lot back too late. Do not e-mail because of makeup every day to limit their potential business opportunities (if you prefer to others and not to stay e-mail address telephone number so), but if you prefer to do so, make sure your customers know that you kind of habit.

In my own case, if I want to hire someone to work for me, I would like to know how fast I can get his answer. If you are a full-time freelancer, you should use a certain time each day to reply e-mail, phone.

Thirdly to ensure quality, not quantity

When they wanted to build a website, but you have to do three out, just to prove that 'Hey, I will!'. But do you realize that customers just want a website? Quality rather than quantity. If you spend five hours to build three extra sites, it means you not only a waste of five small and might be losing you customers. Close to the contract requirements because these requirements exist in the contract in its own raison d'etre, you made the trip just to prove you extra work, but it will not bring you extra income.

So, you work these flattering, you're good to you by, but does not mean you're the best, because someone can always do better than you. Strive to improve themselves, improve their professional skills, these are the conditions for you to make money.

Fifth return visit

Often overlooked but is the most important way to win repeat customers is a return visit previous customers. Customer service, cash the check, then will he forget about her once again means that you will not get orders from this customer. Spend a little time before you send an email to customers, or email postcards, or a call, tell him you are willing to work for him, you have very interesting projects of cooperation, and you always ready for him again work. Build relationships with your customers, to understand them, so they hire you again, would greatly enhance the possibility.

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